Cookie tray counting mats

These are so stinking cute!! We had so much fun making cookies and putting them on the coordinating tray. I love when we can turn learning into fun and this does it perfectly! We are going to get lots of counting, addition, and subtracting practice in with these awesome cookie tray mats. Today we used them with Play dough. I think I will laminate some cookies though and we could also just play with the cookie cutters if we wanted.

The original document is in color and also has a Christmas gingerbread cookie on it. I made the cookies and put them over the gingerbread cookie so that we can play with these all your long. They were supposed to also print in color but they came out black and white and I don’t think the kids will care. So the original design is a little bit cuter. You can find the cookie trays here.

Believe me many many more laminating projects are going to hit the blog!

Thanks for visiting!

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