Teach the letter C in one week!

We have 2 kiddos that names start with C so C was a blast! This week I tried to put holds on books at the library and it was not very successful. They didn’t all come in until about Thursday. I’m going to have to get more organized if I’m going to take that approach and start putting holds on books weeks in advance. I’m not there yet!

We are using these free printable worksheets And you can find them here


  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Stapler and staples
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Paper plates
  • Empty toilet rolls
  • Cookie dough
    • Repeat repeat repeat

      The very first thing we did was cut out two big visuals, one for the capital B and one for the lower case b. This way we could visually look at them all day long. I decided to display them right in the entry way so we had to walk past them a lot! I just drew some bubble letters on construction paper and cut them out. They aren’t perfect but they work. I don’t have any pictures of this weeks letter but if you want to see my hand drawn letters you can look back at letters A and B.

      Visual stimulation

      Every morning after breakfast I get on my handy dandy YouTube app on my phone and pop up a couple videos about The letter of the week. You can type in the letter C and get a list or you can click these links

      Storybots Crazy for C

      Bounce patrol kids letter C

      Jack Hartmann letter C

      ABCMouse letter C

      Sesem street letter C


      We made our very own hungry Catapillar’s! The kids loved these! I was pretty simple I just needed some empty toilet rolls and a paper plate. You can find more detailed Catapillar crafts but we went to simple route this week!


      We haven’t done a sensory project for every week but we did do one this week! Get the ingredients Here

      Reading material

      like I said I won’t be using the Pinterest page I’ve share previously again for awhile but the books they recommend are good!but if you want to check it out you can Here.

      worksheets and letter books

      Here and there throughout the week we did our worksheets. Caliger loves the letter hunt! And all the kids carried their letter books around all day!

      I’ll take this moment to mention that I do not make the kids trace letters. There Is plenty of time for us to work on writing and a way that we get ready for that is through fine motor songs, sign language, and fine motor activities. I do not want to burn the kids out and get them started to soon so I might mention it to them but I never make them do it.


      this week we made and frosted sugar cookies

      We also used the free printable play dough cookie mats I have. Check them out Here

      Pretty much everyday we sang if your happy and we know it and only did things t that started with C. Like crawl, clown around, act crazy, pretend to camp, be a cheetah, cat, hold a candle and more.

      We also sang old McDonald but he only had animals that started with C.

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