Fantastically fun fine motor skill builders for your preschooler!

You might think that numbers and letters are all there is to kindergarten readiness but there is so much more! Kindergarten teachers are teaching our young so many important skills that will help them succeed throughout elementary school and beyond. Those things include important listening skills, self-regulation skills, and fine motor skills. No your child does not need to be reading before kindergarten but helping him or her build some of the very fundamental things like hand eye coordination and finger strength can make learning to read and write a heck of a lot easier! Fine motor skill building should start way before picking up a pencil and there isn’t any reason why it can’t be fun!

With my two boys fine motor skill work started before 12 months. With finger food, hand motion songs, edible sensory projects, and sign language. If you do not know what fine motor skills are you can check out another blog post of mine with a very good description Here

Now as my oldest approaches 4 years old it was time to kick it up a notch! I came across all these ideas on a kindergarten teachers blog! She has so many amazing ideas and a very good perspective of what kindergarten teachers need from us as parents before kindergarten! So please take a look at her blog! Click here

Because I just introduced these fine motor activities we are using them in their simplest form. But as these tasks get easier for him we will implement some little changes to make them more challenging and also to incorporate other things to learn about. Like counting, letters and sounds, and patterns! I’ve even got three more activities on their way! I’m confident that we can keep the skill building and learning going for quite a while!

I want to mention that all of this came from Amazon except for the organizer which I got at Walmart. I’m not providing links but the kindergarten teachers blog post does have affiliate links if you would like to help her out and purchase them off her blog that would be wonderful! If not you can simply type each of these items into Amazon and they should come up.

Pop beads

These are in drawer 1 and happen to be the trickiest of the three activities! So right now I put a bunch of them together and he takes them apart. It gets him familiar with them and I feel before too long he will be snapping them together like a pro!

When he is able to snap them together I will make patterns for him to follow and we can also use the foam dice to make a game out of how many we connect.

Chain links

Drawer number 2 is our chain links! These are fun because you have to hold these a specific way to link them together. It’s tedious and when he plays with these he doesn’t last long. But exposure is key and we will get there! I have found link cards you can purchase on Pinterest and plan to do so when he’s ready.

Munchy mouth

Drawer number 3 is by far his favorite and honestly ours too! My husband and I totally enjoy engaging in this one with C! These are animal print dog toy tennis balls that I’ve cut a slit into and hot glued some googly eyes onto! Omg so stinking cute! We have mini eraser vegetables and fruit but a lot of the times he likes to use the pop beads as they are quite a bit smaller and he doesn’t have to squeeze them quite as tight. Pom poms would work great too!

So you squeeze the tennis ball and drop the mini erasers or other object of your choice into the munchy munchers mouth! So fun and silly! He will spend quite a bit of time playing with these.

So right now because I have three other little kiddos during the day that will still put them in their mouth we only break these out during naptime and play for as long as it holds his attention. I love when he asks to play with them before I remember to grab them! My absolute favorite type of learning activities Are the ones like these where they don’t even know they are learning! Being a sneaky mom and educator like that is fun!

Stay tuned because I will definitely post the other three when I get it all put together! As always thanks for reading and please subscribe!

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