My name is Roqhelle and I live in Kansas City Missouri. I am married to an amazing man and we have four beautiful children! I do home daycare also so add all of those children into the mix! I’ve got plenty of kiddos to test these recipes, crafts, and sensory projects before bringing them to you! You will find all sorts of content on my blog from recipes to awesome projects you can do with your Littles. At the moment two of my Littles are under three years old so most of what I post is edible! Which means the whole family can get involved! I really enjoy blogging and would love to see it become a career in the future. So please do not be afraid to share any of the content you find on my blog! Pretty please scroll down to the bottom of the main page and subscribe. Thanks for visiting my blog today I hope you found something you enjoy and I hope it inspired you to get messy and enjoy life!- Roqhelle 


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